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Love My Human visits dog shelters in Phuket

At Love My Human, we love all dogs and care about each and every one of them and want to support those who are less fortunate. That is why over the summer, LMH’s lovely owner Jenny spent time in Phuket visiting Dog shelters. Jenny spent time learning about The Bodhi Dog Rescue Centre and Shelter and Soi Dog, and gained first-hand experience of the workings of both amazing organisations.

The Bodhi Shelter is run by the incredible Tina Maria; a true superwoman. She has about 500 dogs out living in a field and another 100 who live in the compound, and every single one of them has a name. Unlike our very lucky pooches who come and visit us at LMH, these little ones don’t have anything, not even a blanket to sleep on. However, Tina is able to provide them with food and shelter. She even kisses every single one that comes along. For the unruly ones, she has to wrestle them into a crate; a job which is not for the faint-hearted. Tina’s story is so inspiring and shows how the perseverance and passion of one woman and a dedicated team of volunteers can truly change the lives of many disadvantaged dogs.

We have made a financial donation as well as sending a selection of harnesses and leads, and a pair of new clippers to help shave the matted and flea-ridden dogs. They have a number of severely ill dogs who desperately need your support so please do head over to their website to check out the wonderful work that they are doing and perhaps considering donating or sponsoring a dog for only £23 a month.

The second foundation which Jenny visited was Soi Dog, who focus primarily on 3 things: rescue and treatment, sterilisation and vaccination, and ending the dog meat trade. Set up by John and Gill Dalley and friend Margot Homburg, they started with the simple idea of mass sterilisation to help reduce the number of dogs and cats being born into a life of suffering. With their aim being very focussed, they were able to build a fantastic system to help manage the stray population and to address any of their medical needs. They not only work in Phuket but also in Bangkok and other provinces in Thailand. They have mobile sterilisation clinics across the capital and have successfully managed to sterilise over 238,553 animals so far! They also strive to improve animal welfare rights all over Asia and help stray dogs affected by the various natural disasters over the past 10 plus years.

Soi Dog also continues to fight against the dog meat trade which is unfortunately still prevalent in a handful of Asian countries such as South Korea, Vietnam and China. Thanks to their sheer determination and activism, the trade has almost been fully wiped out in Thailand! At LMH, we are going to stock Soi Dog products and all of the proceeds will be sent back to them to help with both their activism and medical care for the dogs.

Please do check out their website too and see the ways in which you can help them reach their goal of sterilising the 640,000 stray dogs in Bangkok as well as helping to reduce the number of strays on the beaches of Phuket.

Charity is such a big part of our ethos at Love My Human and we are going to continue to support these wonderful organisations amongst others as we continue to grow as a company. We appreciate all of your support as customers in our first few months and hope you can extend that support to wonderful charities such as Bodhi Shelter & Soi Dog. Dogs have such big loving hearts and we want to do our very best in helping those who have nothing.