Happy Dogs Box


Keep your dog treat and food cupboard fully stocked with our Happy Dogs Box



Carefully selected by the team at Love My Human, this package contains a large selection of goodies to keep your dog going. The value of the entire package is being brought to you for a limited time for £35.

  • The Dog House – Random Rewards tin (169439361202)
    • A unique mixture of 5 contrasting training treats, recipes created by Michel Roux.
  • Goodchaps – Mrs Cook’s Fish Cakes (013198463427)
    • Tasty biscuits made from 100% fish and potato.
  • Hugo & Celine – Crispy Chips (169436198696)
    • A training treat naturally full of vitamins. 100% dried ox liver.
  • Hugo & Celine – Barking Burgers (169437356590)
    • 2 pack of slow cooked carefully dried complete meal for your dog. Made from 90% organic beef , 10% carrots, broccoli, egg, calcium, vitamins, omega 3, 6 & 9.
  • By Benji Biltong – Super Sticks (169438250934)
    • A longer lasting treat that can be cut down to size. Handcrafted from the finest silverside of beef.
  • Slurps – 250ml pouch (169432970074)
    • The perfect way to keep your dog hydrated. Ready-to-drink resealable pouch.
  • Beautiful  Joe’s – Ethical dog treats (169437311445)
    • 100% natural liver treats that give back to the doggie community. For each pack purchased one is donated to a dog shelter.
  • Love My Human – Suede Dog Chew Toy (024919358779)
    • a Handmade Dog Chew Toy designed by the team at Love My Human.